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Warringal Conservation Society

WCS organised a night walk on the 8th of September as part of the Spring Outdoors program. We had about 30 participants and met at the Swamp viewing area at twilight to watch the birds coming in. As it began to get dark and the temperature dropped, we  split into two groups going in opposite directions on the track around the Banyule Billabong. One group was led by Meg and Tom from the Banyule Bush crew. The other group went with Lincoln Kern from Practical Ecology. On the way out we stopped and admired some of the pre-European river redgums with their hollows that are used by native wildlife. Not far down the track Lincoln's group spotted a large bird on a straggly eucalypt. Looking closer  the large eyes and unmistakable chevron pattern on its chest identified it as a Powerful Owl. The owl then took off into some nearby bush, displaying its large broad wings, strong legs and large talons. Several Tawny Frogmouths (photo by Anthea Fleming) and Ringtail Possums were also sighted during the walk. Banyule Flats is a great place to explore at night and we will continue to run these walks.