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Warringal Conservation Society

WCS has called the Powerful Owl Ninox strenua one of Banyule’s Special Species. It is Australia’s largest owl, measuring up to 65cm in length. They are nocturnal and feed on possums, bats and rabbits, which they catch with large talons. Pairs bond for life and defend a very large home range; Banyule Flats has been home territory for a pair of these iconic owls for 10-15 years. Powerful Owls were rare in Melbourne 30 years ago but they have recolonized suitable open woodland habitat in urban areas on the city’s fringe. To hear about current research being done by Nick Bradsworth, Deakin Ph student, on many aspects of their behaviour and how they move about in the urban landscape, come along to our February 7th 2019 meeting at 7.30pm at the Old Shire Hall, Heidelberg.