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Warringal Conservation Society

About a dozen people joined us for a walk on the evening of Sat 9th Feb, including a few who hadn’t previously visited Banyule flats and a baby. A Kookaburra was seen in the big old Eucalyptus studleyensis (Swamp gum and Red gum hybrid) near the Somerset drive carpark. As the sun was going down, we visited the swamp and saw Black ducks with ducklings and a number of Silver (Sea) Gulls. We then walked around the Banyule Billabong to the windmill and returned on a smaller track through the east paddock. A number of Ring-Tailed possums, three Tawny Frogmouths (photo: Anthea Fleming), and some rabbits were sighted. We visited a large wombat hole with evidence of recent digging, but the wombats either hiding or busy elsewhere.