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Warringal Conservation Society

The 300+ year old River Red Gum on the corner of Bridge Street and Manningham Road is a registered Heritage Overlay Place. Although dismissed in the North East Link’s Environmental Effects Statement as of no Aboriginal Cultural Heritage value, it is of considerable social value to the wider community.  This is evidenced by Manningham Council’s commitment to protecting the tree and to the recent announcement that it is the National Trust’s Victorian Tree of the Year, receiving an impressive 28.5% of the votes.  (Manningham Council, 6 May 2019) (National Trust, 20 May 2019). Although there is no evidence of cultural scarring the tree is considered to be an important Songline marker, and sister to the ‘Yingabeal’ scar tree located nearby at Heide. The proposed written, oral and photographic records are no compensation for the loss of this valued tree. We are calling for alternative designs for the Manningham Road interchange so that it can be protected.

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