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Warringal Conservation Society

While we can't currently hold meetings and events, Warringal Conservation Society members have been sending through more observations than ever.

Celia Smith - 71 Wood Ducks and 2 Masked Lapwings at Warringal Parlands, 2 Swans at Banyule Swamp
Jen Chellew - Large bird of prey fitting the description of a Peregrine Falcon
James Deane - Little Eagle and a Brown Goshawk on Viewbank hill. Peregrine Falcon on high voltage power line tower near Bonds Rd.
Dave Herbet - Melbourne Water spraying weeds in Banyule Billabong. Unexplained survey marks near Windmill
Anthea Fleming - Great Crested Grebe and Sharp-tailed Sandpiper at Jawbone Sanctuary Williamstown, Grass blue butterfly, Skipper butterfly, and a Crested Pigeon. A small Scorpion in Ivanhoe backyard
Chris Goddard: Since the bushfires, Grey Butcherbirds in the morning  and evening. They were occasional visitors before but now they greet us everyday. Ivanhoe is overrun with Indian Mynahs. Also lots of European wasps.
John D’Aloia - Sunday 22/03/20 - Kookaburra at his house on Beverley Road

Kookaburra John D

Dianne Wiliiamson - 3 Tiger Snakes in garden on Buckingham Drive
Liz Evans - March 31 Native Heath Epacris impressa ready to burst into bloom
Daphne Hards: Eastern Spinebill and Brown Thornbills returned to garden after welcome autumn rain. Rare visit from an Eastern Rosella.
Penny Grose - A flock of Red-rumped Parrots on the grass near the Kintala building.
Robert Bender - Photos from Wilson Reserve:
1) Weasel Skink at Muttonwood site east of Ivanhoe golf course practice fairway
2) Tawny Frogmouths on trees overlooking the Yarra
3) A Bronze Wing by the Yarra
4) A pair of pure white pigeons on Ivanhoe golf course

Wilson Res

Heather Smith & Don Stokes (Week 5-12 April):
15-25 Straw-necked Ibis and 2 White-faced Herons feeding on Heidelberg football club oval.
Flocks 20-30 Yellow-tail Black Cockatoos in Pine trees in Heidelberg Park
Brown Thornbills and Eastern Spinebills in garden feeding on Correa bushes.
Spotted Pardalote and Grey Fantails up in backyard trees - presume after insects
Recent appearance of a friendly lone Magpie, which waits every morning at back door - will walk in if door open. Follows us around the garden, perched on barrow or tools watching us.

Magpie H D small

Dianne Williamson - 2nd April - A Black Swan on Banyule Swamp. Swamp Wallaby and 2 male Eastern Greys boxing. Butcherbirds, King Parrots, Magpie teenager practicing carolling, Pied Currawong, wrens.
Daphne Hards - Lots of bird activity/song, with Red Wattlebirds gathering and Corellas travelling overhead. Common Mynahs far too common. A Noisy Miner came and went – luckily.
Liz Evans - April 10 - Greenhoood orchids Pterostylis pedunculata, Pterostylis curta and Pterostylis nutans in garden are all flourishing and getting ready to flower.
James Deane - April 11th - 4 Wedge-tailed Eagles over Viewbank Hill. Regular sightings of a Little Eagle (1). Swift Moth casings along Main Yarra Trail after rain (2). Pink-eared Ducks at Banyule Swamp had 6 ducklings (3) that were getting quite large but still unable to fly. There is only one duckling left now.


Anthony Fernando - Spotted 5 Swift Parrots in Rosanna Parklands. Likely calls heard beforehand in Macleod/Rosanna. Unfortunately they were being chased by the ubiquitous Noisy Miners in the area.
Anthea Fleming White Ibis, sometimes with a few Strawnecks, regularly feed in the horse-paddocks off the Boulevard. This area is also the favourite area for Cattle Egrets - regular winter migrants. The nearest breeding area that I know of is the Shortland Wetlands near Newcastle, NSW. How soon will they return this winter?
Noisy Miners feeding on green flowering Correa
10 April - a small snake seen at Wilson Reserve - it had been basking in the sun but hastily hid in Tradescantia. Probably Tiger Snake. The last snake of summer?
11 April - 9.00 am - about 100 Little Corellas over Clark Rd, circling and calling before they flew off northward.
27 April - Pair of Swift Parrots flying overhead
White-faced Heron at Willsmere Billabong (title image above)