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Every single element that makes our planet habitable for us comes from nature. The more biodiverse and species-rich nature is, the better for our own future.

Biodiversity encompasses all components of the living world, and includes the habitats and ecosystems within which they live, and their connections with other life forms and the natural world.

Victoria has a shocking record in biodiversity conservation, species and ecosystem loss. With more than half of the state’s native vegetation cleared since European settlement, we are now facing ecosystem decline that includes extensive catchment salinity, vegetation loss, weed proliferation, invasion of pest animals and the degeneration of our river systems.

However – we do have a chance to have our voice heard!
Community input is invited for an inquiry into ecosystem decline by the Victorian Legislative Council Environment and Planning Committee who are looking at measures to restore habitats and populations of threatened and endangered species. Community members with direct knowledge of ecosystem decline in their local areas are encouraged to contribute their views and suggestions.

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Submissions to the inquiry are welcome until 31 July 2020.