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In early-mid June, rain in the upper catchment of the Yarra caused the river to rise several metres over the course of a week (see graph below).

Flood graph 2

 By the weekend of 12th and 13th June the river had exceeded minor flood levels and spilled into many of our local Billabongs. During the day of Saturday 12th there was a trickle of water running through the pipe in the wall between the Banyule Billabong and the Yarra near the windmill. Later that night a torrent of water rushed through a gully at the other end of the billabong and flooded it completely (photo 1). As a point of reference, the base of the Windmill was under water on Sunday morning (photo 2). A photo of the suspension bridge crossing the Yarra at Finn’s reserve (photo 3) also illustrates how high the water was.

Yarra flooding across track into Banyule Billabong

Photo 1: The Yarra flooding into Banyule Billabong


Photo 2: The windmill at Banyule Flats with its base under water

Finns res bridge

Photo 3: Flood waters runnung under the Bridge at Finn's Reserve

Elsewhere along the Yarra, Bolin Bolin, Banksia (photo 4) and Montpelier Billabongs flooded. Unfortunately Annulus Billabong in Ivanhoe was one of the few local billabongs that did not get any water.

Banksia Billabong

Photo 4: Banksia Billabong in flood.