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Warringal Conservation Society

In the late 1970s WCS embarked on recording the significant trees in Heidelberg, notable for their size, age, grouping or location. From this effort the first Significant Tree Register was published in 1982. It was hoped that it would be a means by which the wider community could nominate more trees and appreciate the beautiful trees that exist in Heidelberg. 

WCS was delighted when Banyule Council adopted and enhanced the Significant Tree Register. It was a vindication of the early work of WCS members to highlight the wonderful trees of Banyule.  The adoption also demonstrated that Council was committed to protecting our trees, and now this register is part of the Banyule Planning Scheme. 

WCS acknowledges that this Register is not a static document: it is a “living” document, with sadly, some trees lost over time, but more importantly, with more trees being added every year. Banyule Council is currently updating the register which has 420 trees and groups of trees listed. A pending amendment before Council proposes the addition of 96 trees on private land and 11 trees on public land. WCS proposed the addition of 3 trees on public land, which were accepted. One of them is illustrated here: the rare eucalyptus hybrid, Eucalyptus x studleyensis, the Studley Park Gum, which stands on the edge of Banyule Billabong very close to Somerset Drive carpark at Banyule Flats.

Banyule is renowned for its many reserves and green spaces, which are dominated by trees. People have flocked here during the pandemic to enjoy peaceful, healthy recreation. Long may it continue.

The current Significant Tree Register can be seen at:  file:///C:/Users/dkhar/Downloads/Significant-trees-and-areas-of-vegetation.pdf