About Us
Warringal Conservation Society

Formed in 1970, Warringal Conservation Society is a grassroots community group which has continuously advocated for the green spaces of Banyule and beyond.

Warringal Conservation Society was founded in 1970 out of a need to save Banyule Flats and Warringal Parklands from pressures of development. These tranquil natural areas were being threatened by sporting ovals with attendant unnatural night lighting, and there was a strong community response to form a society to advocate for wildlife and the environment.

The Society is one of the oldest environmental friends groups in Victoria with members from all walks of life; we recommend that you read this History (link) compiled by long-time member Anthea Fleming.

We welcome new members! We offer a variety of membership options. Anyone who supports the aims of the Society and agrees to comply with the rule of our Constitution is eligible.