Banyule Flats
Warringal Conservation Society

Banyule Flats Reserve encompasses a large wetland of state environmental significance, and at over 46 hectares, is the largest intact grassy woodland in the inner Melbourne area.

The reserve is bordered by the Yarra River and Warringal Parklands (south), escarpments (north and west) and it connects to the Yarra Valley Parklands to the east.

The area includes Banyule Creek, Banyule Billabong, extensive reed beds, open water, ephemeral depressions and riparian and grassy woodlands. Overall it represents a diverse habitat, supporting the highest birdlife diversity in the middle Yarra.

In the past, the Wurundjeri people occupied this area, and artefact scatters and scar trees are found in and around the reserve.

The Banyule Estate was one of the earliest rural allotments in Melbourne and was purchased by Joseph Hawdon, who built Banuyule House in 1846. Drained in the mid 1800s, the flats were used for cattle grazing until the 1990s.

Pleas enjoy this video published by the Banyule City Council showing the beauty of Banyule Flats: