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Warringal Conservation Society

Hidden behind some remnant River Red Gums and indigenous re-vegetation, most people visiting the Banyule Flats Reserve would not be aware of this important site, close to the open water of the swamp.

The Billabong would naturally fill with water overflowing from the adjacent Yarra River, but in recent years control of water release into the River and increased use of river water for agriculture and other purposes have not permitted this natural watering. 

Banyule Council is working with the Victorian Environmental Water Holder, Melbourne Water, and other authorities to re-water the Billabong.  A trial in 2016 pumped water from the river and was a great, if temporary, success with immediate biodiversity benefits noted, including the return of frogs and waterbirds and many native plants to the Billabong. 

At present the Billabong is dry again but it still provides valuable habitat for bush birds. Planning for a long term solution to restore the Billabong to a wetland continues.