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Katja Gutwein from Wombat Mange Management spoke at our May General Meeting. Wombat mange is a skin condition caused by mites. It causes loss of hair and inflamed lesions that can ultimately kill a wombat if not treated. Treating wombats requires repeated application of medication to kill mites, something that is easier said than done in the case of a wild animal. A long pole can be used to pour medication onto more approachable wombats. Burrow flaps that tip their contents on a wombats back as it passes are used otherwise. The good news is that these methods can be very successful.  Wombat Mange Management provide free advice and kits to assist people to treat wombat mange. Banyule Flats has a good population of wombats that appear to be free of mange at present. Further upstream, wombats in Candlebark Park have been badly affected. For more information on wombat mange and how it is treated, see the Wombat Mange Mangement website