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Spring is here and the local bushland is starting to be filled with flowers. Winter flowering Silver Wattles are just finishing up but some Black Wood Wattles and Prickly Moses are still going. Running Postman, Hardenbergia are putting on a colourful show at present. Bulbine lilies and Chocolate lilies are getting started. Many of these native lilies and smaller indigenous plants are not present Banyule Flats due to its agricultural history, rabbits and the abundance of exotic pasture grasses. However, a small fenced Indigenous food garden not far from the Somerset Drive carpark (on the left as you walk to Banyule Swamp) currently has these species in bloom (see below).

Indig food garden fig crop

Banyule Flats Indigenous food garden - 1) The fenced area protected from grazing; 2) Bulbine Lily; 3) Hardenbergia; 4) Chocolate Lily; 5) Running Postman.

The Banyule Northern Grassland Reserve has many naturally occuring and restored areas of indigenous wild flowers and is worth a visit at his time of year. Candlebark Park in Lower Templestowe is good for Chocolate and Bulbine lilies. Further afield Smith’s Gully has a great diversity of indigenous plants including many orchids (as shown below).

Smiths gully crop

Smiths Gully Flora - 1) Common Correa; 2) Sundew; 3 & 4) Greenhood Orchids